Roses are red....

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and this past week in the CG Studio I have been busy making  new stock to celebrate the day of romantic love. Apparently,  the custom of sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts originated in the UK! 

Concentrating on the theme of red hearts and lowers, I have created some Valentine's Day goodies that you can gift to your loved ones. 

In Fabrication (Leeds Briggate Shop only) you will find a limited series of Valentine's Day red hearts mounted on A6 Card and wrapped in Cellophane, along with similarly packaged Pocket Hugs and my new Spring Flower hangers in red, orange and yellow. 


I have also had some fun creating some tea-light holder fascias with both flowers and red hearts. Two of each type are now available in my online shop

The red hearts are tack fused onto a background of gold bearing purple glass, which is initially blue in colour, but when fired gives the glass a deep rich purple color. What could be better for Valentine's Day? 

Until next week.